22nd to 30th Jan - 9Hole Stableford
1st: Anne Fahy 22pts , 2nd: Collette Larkin 20pts.
Results of Ladies Club Fundraiser:
1st Darragh Foley
2nd Daniella & Jamie Fahy
3rd Billy Slevin
4th Justin O'Byrne
5th Paul Shiel
Thanks to everyone who supported our fundraiser
Result Easter Egg 9 Hole Comp
18Hole Competition 2nd/3rd April
Sponsored by: Mary Carey
1st: Carmel Cunningham, 2nd: Mary Madden, 3rd: Sara Grier
9 Hole Competition 1st March - 31st March
1st Anne Fahy 2nd Mary McDonagh
9 Hole Competition 1st Feb-28th Feb
1st: Brid Kelly, 2nd: Mary Kelly
1st: Roisin O'Byrne
2nd: Ann Fahy
Curra West Masters (Ladies) -  Sun 10th April
1st: Mary McDonagh
2nd: Carmel Cunningham
Result 18 Hole Stroke Comp -
1st: Breda Farrell
Result 7th & 8th May -
1st: Brid Kelly
Result 14th & 15th May - 18 Hole Stroke
 1st: Breda Farrell 71,  2nd: Ann Fahy 72
Result Sat 28th & Sun 29th May - 18 Hole Stableford
 1st: Mary Kelly
Result - Presidents Prize to Ladies
 1st: Martina McDonagh, 2nd: Brid Kelly,
Gross: Breda Farrell & 3rd: Ann Fahy.
Result 9th & 10th July
 1st: Mary McDonagh.
Result 18 Hole Stroke 30th & 31st July
 1st: Lena Donoghue.
Mens Captain (Mike Fannon) Prize to Ladies
 1st: Roisin O'Byrne 66; 2nd: Brid Kelly 71;
Gross: Ann Fahy 85; 3rd: Lena Donoghue 72.
Result 18 Hole Stroke 27th & 28th August
 1st: Mary Monaghan 2nd: Lena Donoghue.
      Results of Lady Captains Day Sept 10th
1st Mary Monaghan, 2nd Anne Fahy, Gross Mary Carey, 3rd Sara Grier, 4th Mary Kelly , Past Captain Carmel Cunningham
9 Hole Comp1st Linda Shiel, 2nd Anne Daniels
Bernie McEnvoy, 2nd Bernie Heffernan, Nearest the Pin Anne Fahy
Longest Drive: Carmel Cunningham, Birdie Tree Mary Madden.
22nd April 2012: 1st Roisin O'Byrne 36pts
12th/13th May 2012: 1st Sara Grier
Results 2011
Sara Grier's Captain's Prize 2012                    
Lady Captain Sara Grier presents her prize to the overall winner Martina McDonagh. Also in the picture, Frank Grier Club Captain and Frank O'Reilly Club President .
Ladies Club Results
Carmel Cunningham's Captain's Prize 2013                     
Lady Captain Carmel Cunningham presents her prize to the overall winner Mary Madden. Also in the picture is Club Captain Noel Larkin.
      Results of Lady Captains Day 2013
                1st: Mary Madden
                2nd: Brid Kelly
                Gross: Ann Fahy
                3rd Mary: McDonagh
                Longest Drive: Martina McDonagh
                Nearest the Pin: Mary McDonagh
                Past Captain: Mary Monaham